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The Lonely Tree

The cold is sharp on your skin, piercing underneath your clothing. Shivers creep down your spine, the chills are a mix of freezing cold temperatures and the feeling of isolation. Around you is a white landscape that contains little life. Looking to the horizon you see nothing but whiteness stretching across the flat landscape. You feel intimidated by this barren landscape, it feels strange to be so far away from human civilization. Rotating yourself in a circular shape you notice a singular tree that sits atop a small hill. The tree is just a skeleton, naked without its leaves. The coldness has stripped the once thriving land of vegetation and all that remains is the white sheet of snow you stand atop of. Staring at the blank landscape you are intrigued by the tree that’s sits alone.

You make a start for the lifeless tree, hearing the crunch of compacting snow under your feet. You look back at where you’ve walked to see a small trail of footprints pressed deeply into the snow. Peering into one of your footprints you see a mixture of snow mixed in with the brownish soil that lies below. You’re reminded that there is land underneath the snow that is desperate for sunshine. Your gaze drifts away from the ground to the sky where you see the dim sun being shielded by a blanket of cloud. A chilling breeze pierces your skin as you stand still in the open landscape. You level your head and stare at the tree that sits atop the hill. Inhaling the air you feel the coldness enter your lungs and chill your inners.

Letting out a cold shiver you continue on your path to the tree, the one interesting thing in this deserted land. Your trail of footprints has grown long as you arrive at the bottom of the hill. The hill looks rather ominous in this deserted land but you begin to ascend up it regardless of its appearance.  Your feet dig deep into the snow coated hill where the lonely tree stands, however a feeling of tiredness begins to enclose your body. The cold air has been slowly eating away at your warmth leaving you with little energy. The blood in your body is flowing slowly, it feels as if there is only ice chilling through your veins. You inhale, then exhale. Feeling light your head begins to buzz as you become unable to focus on the anything in this wintry land.

The snowflakes begin pelting down with ferocity as your eyes become blinded in a white layer of snow. You feel as if your clothes have been stripped from your body as you feel completely exposed to the brutal weather. Brushing the snow off your face you begin to feel numb as your joints tense up. Feeling drained of energy you collapse to the soft ground with your limbs sprawled out and your head facing the murky sky. Peering up at the pale clouds you see snowflakes drifting down, they land weightlessly on your skin as the snow around swallows you up. 

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