level 2 essay

Analyse how language features revealed the writer’s purpose in the written text(s).


What is purpose? The reason something is done


What was the purpose of this novel?

The problems caused by words and how it gives people power


The point the writer was trying to get across, what stood out to me as the overall purpose of the book

The power of words and what they can give people

An insight into a WW2 setting from deaths point of view(different point of view)


How did language features reveal this for me?

Emotive language, symbolism, Imagery

What were the symbols


Maxes story of the tree

Death over shadowing everyone, deaths importance



Colours and how death sees the world

Mein Kampf-what did it symbolise

Other books too


The author uses language features to give an in depth perspective in a WW2 setting. We are introduced to several characters throughout the book who gradually open us up to more and more ideas. I wouldn’t say the author is trying to get across one particular idea with this book for there are multiple ideas tucked away. However I will only be discussing those ideas that are most relevant to me and made me really question about the world we live in. There are many thought provoking ideas in this novel adn many tend to be on the negative side of humanity but this doesn’t change the amount of value they give us




The Word Shaker

The novel revolves around books


The reason I have chose to delve into the word shaker is because it still holds a lot of value in today’s society due to its core message being so strong. There are many aspects of the novel I could talk about but one part of this novel stood out to me. It has importance, in has relevance, it has a message. This is the story Max Vandenburg wrote and gifted to Liesel.

The word shaker is done in a very unique way because it’s a miniature fabel within The book thief that offers us imagery and symbolism that teaches us readers some valuable lessons. What are those lessons.

.Words are the greatest power people have

.Words have the potential and capability to affect masses in both negative and positive ways

.The hate that hitler placed in people’s minds

.The trees symbolism hatred and how they can spread like a forest with just one tiny seed


“They thought they could hear voices and words, behind them, on the word shakers tree.”

Does this one book have enough information to display the Authors purest and most graphic ideas? There are plenty of other novels that Liesel encounters in The book thief but I don’t believe they offer a message on the same level as The word shaker. Most of the other novels in the book thief are relating to Liesel’s personal experiences and those around her but I found that this book goes beyond that. Some books such as The standover man and mein kampf do offer us important ideas but I could relate to the word shaker the most.


Markus Zusak takes us on a graphic journey set in Germany during WW2 . The text is a a historical fiction but that doesnt many any of the characters represent real people like Max Vandenburg symbolised the jews who had to go into hiding such as Anne Frank. Characters like Hitler are portrayed with accuracy as well as other groups such as the nazi parties and jews. Markus Zusak places an importance on books in the novel, they did indeed have book burnings in Germany WW2 and fill libraries with Nazi propaganda. The motives behind these actions was to target those who were opposing nazism and to bring a new era of thinking to German society. Liesel Meminger the main protagonist of this story is gifted a book that resembles rather important and deep contents that I am going to further analysis in this essay.


“It was a nation of farmed thoughts”

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