My perception on the death


“I am haunted by humans”

This is the last quote we receive from death at the very end of The book thief and gives important information about who death is. Death is genuinely perceived as a devilish figure, I pictured death as a rather menacing character also until I read The book thief. However deaths portrayal in The book thief is quite the opposite to his general perception most have of him. This quote shows us that death fears us as much as we fear him. Death can never escape us and humans can never escape death is what this quote is essentially saying. He isn’t the fearless guy in this situation, instead he is the one who has feelings and thoughts towards his work unlike other depictions of death where there is no emotion or affection for the souls he carries on to the next life.

“I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result.”

I imagine death as a smartly dressed business man because with slicked back hair due to the way he comes across as orderly and professional. Not as some hollow spirit that strips the souls of humans for eternity.  Though he clearly has feeling for humans as stated above he is also very serious about his work. Its cleverly done and a different way to portray death. I am thankful for this though because it gave me some really interesting insight from how death sees things on a more sophisticated level.  All things are a result of something, be it big or small. Death is a result of life. There is nothing threatening about death because it is an end result for everyone. However humans cant comprehend what is beyond death thus creating a natural fear of death. This quote makes it sound like death just wants to be understood by us humans as another being that is doing there responsibility.


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